Commercial and Logistics

Commercial and Logistics

The core activity of the commercial and logistics unit is to enhance business thinking in all association programs and operations. This is to ensure associations benefit from commercial programs either through commissions or program savings in the short term and business experience in the long run. It is obligated to helping associations increase their revenue base which help support own programs. Besides, the unit directly promotes delivery of crop marketing services by the associations to its membership/ farmers who are in most cases swindled by merciless and unscrupulous vendors.

The unit also provides guidelines in business management and supports associations in terms of business services and development to benefit on economies of scales. It is the link that promotes sales of NASFAM brands. It also links up associations to potential stakeholders in business.

For the associations to uphold the business acumen Commercial and logistics aligned itself in the following functions:

  • Carryout financial and operational analysis for proposed business ventures or income generating activities.
  • Assist in budgeting in conjunction with AFSU
  • Set up crop marketing systems and supervision
  • Provide logistics services for movement of association stock. Trustworthy transporters with good trucks are hired to help quick stock movement thereby reducing on post harvest produce damage, weight losses or theft.
  • Links up associations to lending institutions on agricultural input loans
  • Promotes sales and distribution of value added NASFAM brands
  • Offer training services to association employed staff on business operations i.e. crop marketing
  • Offer agric-input supply services of quality and competitive inputs to member associations